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Club Rules

Revised 3/3/2017


1. All pilots must have a current AMA card and must follow the current AMA & FAA safety code (posted at the field).
2. Due to the close proximity of the Portland jetport, no model aircraft shall be flown at an altitude of more than 400 feet above the ground. Model aircraft must yield right-of-way to, and avoid flying in the proximity of, full scale aircraft.
3. No flying behind the flight line.
4. All FPV flights require an AMA FPV pilot to have an AMA FPV spotter next to him, or her, maintaining VLOS with the FPV UAS throughout the flight.


5. No individual model aircraft will be permitted to fly which produces a sound level greater than 98 db measured on the ground at a distance of 15 ft. from the engine. Noise produced by model aircraft operation (in flight or on the ground) shall not exceed 65 db measured at the property line.
6. No model aircraft may be flown beyond the lot boundaries of the flying site, or flown within 500ft horizontal distance of any residence.
7. No model aircraft may be operated which has a wingspan exceeding 120 inches, or having a takeoff weight exceeding 30 pounds.
8. Model aircraft may be flown between 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM or sunset, whichever is earlier.
9. No more the than three (3) model aircraft are allowed in the air at any one time.
10. Absolutely no alcohol or drugs will be allowed at the flying site at any time.


11. Flying is restricted to club members and escorted AMA member guests only. The escorting member(s) will be responsible for the action of the invited guest(s). Each guest is limited to 3 visits per year. All members must have their membership card available for identification.
12. Safety and Courtesy Flying: When flying with others, always keep safety and courtesy in mind. When flying 3D, IMAC, aerobatic and sport flying, take into consideration other flyers’ airspace. All flyers should consider the needs of others and allow for equal flying time. For those who wish to practice only hovering with multirotor aircraft, helicopters and such, please use the designated area provided.
13. All pilots must follow the club’s current frequency control and transmitters impound rules, found on the frequency control board.
14. No parking on any road, or on the landfill mound. Parking is allowed in designated areas only.
15. Take all trash home with you.
16. No Turbine jet engines allowed.
17. This is a smoke free area.
18. Absolutely NO taxing in the pit area.

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